Infusion Kit FAQ

What’s included in the cocktail infusion kit?

You will receive a 500ml or 1L glass jar filled with various dried fruits, herbs, spices & infused cane sugar, along with infusing directions.

How long after purchasing my infusion kit do I have to use it and where should I store it? 

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend using your jar within one year of purchase.

Your jar of dried goods should be stored in a cool and dry location, such as your pantry or bar cabinet.

What type of alcohol do I use for my infusion?

Each kit comes with suggested alcohol pairings, there’s something for everyone!

I’m not into alcohol, can I still enjoy your infusion kits?

Yes!  Check out our recipe page for alcohol-free suggestions.

How long does my infusion last once alcohol is added?

We recommend consuming within 30 days to maintain maximum flavour.

Can I eat the fruit after the infusion?

Yes! The fruit can be used as garnish or as a delish boozy snack.

How do I prepare to serve the entire infusion kit?

Pour your infusion kit into a large pitcher and top with up to 750ml of your favourite mix.  Check out our recipe page for our recommended pitcher cocktails!